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Grey clouds blocked out the sun in the churchyard, preventing sunlight from streaming into the window where Castiel, Dean, and Sam stood by in the church. They peered worriedly out of it, their hearts pounding in rhythm. The three had grim expressions on their faces while they waited for the inevitable, knowing that Castiel’s idea for a hiding place wasn’t enough to keep the angels from finding them. “A church is the last place they’d expect us.” Cas told the brothers, false hope in his voice.

Dean shook his head but said nothing, staring at the floor and grimacing but offering no better idea. Sam sighed in helplessness, looking at his bare hands despairingly. “Cas…” He began weakly. “We have no weapons to fight the angels. We’re tired from running from them and they’ll find us any minute. There’s nowhere left to run and…” He trailed off, dropping his hands and closing his eyes. Castiel was unable to look at Sam so he looked at the wooden floor weakly and guiltily muttered: “We would stand a chance if I was an angel again. But I’m human now, and I’m just as weak as you two. I guess we’d have to fight the angels with our hands.” He couldn’t add the fact that it would be no good and they were most certainly doomed.

Dean let out a harsh breath through his nostrils and his sad eyes were suddenly angry. “Then we’ll fight those bastards until we win.” His voice was determined which caused Sam to look at his brother in disbelief and give a small scoff. He didn’t antagonize Dean; at least he wasn’t giving up. That wasn’t like him. Even in the most hopeless situations Dean had a will to fight. It got him killed once or twice, and Sam choked back a remark by the thought of his brother getting killed by an angel. Not today. Dean’s determination caused Sam to think: We’ll find a way to fend off the angels. I won’t lose Dean again.

Cas’ eyes grew wide as he looked out the window and said fearfully: “They’re here. Two of them.” Sam and Dean snapped their heads upwards and their hearts pounded as two well-dressed men approached the church through the back gate, their faces expressionless but clearly no fear enveloped them like it did the trio in the church. Dean moved first and headed out of the double doors and into the grassy yard followed by Sam and Cas. The odds were stacked against them, but they had no choice. The powerless humans had to battle the all-powerful angels come to kill them.

A cocky smile came over one of the angel’s faces, his handsome face filled with malice. “You have nothing to defend yourself with, I see. Should we give you a head start as you flee?” Dean’s hands balled into fists and he shouted: “We won’t run. We’ll fight you, and end you right here!” The angels laughed and stood nimbly while Sam, Dean, and Cas raised their fists, preparing to punch those handsome faces until they were broken. The angel of the left shook his head but accepted the challenge. “Fine. Come meet your demise, Dean Winchester.” The invitation spurred Dean into a run, his right fist in the air as he charged.

His hard swing met the angel’s palm, his punch blocked with a strong hand. Dean gritted his teeth and swung again, the angel easily deflecting the blow and punching him in the stomach. Dean was winded and fell to his knees, making Sam summon up his courage and charge at the angel who stood over his brother. He punched at the angel quickly but none of his blows met the man’s face, but he didn’t give up and instead tried kicking the skilled opponent. The angel stepped back and his once cocky expression was focused and angry. Clearly he just wanted to kill the three quickly and leave. He wasn’t interested in torturing the three to death.

Cas took the other angel on, his once helpful angel powers gone. He was left with nothing but his human strength and he used it regardless of his grim expectations of the outcome of the battle. Dean got up after he caught his breath and charged at the man Sam was battling, joining his brother and attempting to overpower the man. Two against one proved difficult to the angel and Sam’s punches made contact with his face as he tried to fend off Dean as well. Both brothers hit as hard as they could and managed to knock the guy to the ground, kicking him relentlessly. Killing the angel was the most effective way to win, but they had nothing to do it with. Kicks and punches might do a little harm to them, but it wouldn’t kill them.

Cas let out a scream of pain and the pair found him pinned on the grass with the angel kneeling over him, his right knee digging into Castiel’s back and his hands clutching Cas’ skull. The angel was using his holy powers to torture Cas, and the former servant of God was helpless to fend himself off now that he was human. Sam and Dean stopped their attack and looked at their friend suffering in terror. Dean shouted: “Sam, go help Cas! I’ll handle this one.” Sam didn’t like the idea of leaving Dean but he gave no protest and ran to Cas to hopefully save him before it was too late. Sam tackled the angel, slamming the man onto the ground and off of Castiel. His strong fist punched the angel’s face quickly while Castiel gasped near him, wracked with agony and unable to get up.

Dean was panting as he fought the other man, his arms burning with fatigue but he continued fighting like he promised. The angel was breathing hard but wasn’t as weak as Dean, and he was nowhere near dead. And as long as Dean had no special weapon to fight with, he would never die. Dean swung too hard at the angel and his momentum was used against him, the angel easily grabbing Dean’s arm and throwing him to the ground. He lay on the grass and gasped for air, his body hot and struggling to keep fighting against a man who could never go down. The angel dropped down with his knees on either side of Dean, his head bowed and an evil grin on his face.

“You try in vain to kill me, human. I can easily wipe you from existence with my holy powers, but I’m enjoying seeing you suffer so much that I’ll end you in a humiliating way. With my bare hands.” He gripped Dean’s neck and began choking him, cutting off his desperate breaths. Dean’s hands tried to push the angel’s arms away and his body twisted underneath, helplessly determined to free itself. With no air in his lungs they began to burn, and he looked at Sam and Castiel hoping they would see this and come to save him. But Sam and Cas were turned away from him, attacking the other angel and not seeing Dean being strangled.

He wanted to curse the man but no words escaped his crushed throat, his mouth open to suck in air but unable to. Dean’s wide eyes stared into the angel’s piercing gaze in horror, his heart hammering in his chest as he begun to die. The angel began to grin seeing he was winning, and his tight grip on Dean’s throat didn’t loosen. “You’re not welcome in Heaven, Winchester. I think Hell has an opening, though. I will send you there.” He chuckled and Dean’s eyes flicked to Sam and Cas, his mind screaming: Look at me, guys! Come save me! Turn around, dammit!!

But the guys didn’t turn around, they were too busy fighting for their own lives, their belief in Dean’s strength causing them to think Dean was still okay even when he wasn’t. His right arm left the angel’s shoulder and he reached out for Sam who was over twenty feet away, his vision darkening and his brother fading in and out of view. In the darkness of his eyes he saw his child self riding in his father’s car, a happy look on his youthful face.

He didn’t have a care in the world; he was with his dad in a joyride to some place Dean couldn’t remember. His father was smiling and said something which made the young Winchester laugh, maybe telling a joke or funny story from his past. Life was good then, and now it was terrifying. The angel came back into focus and it felt like he had been choking Dean for an eternity, but it had probably only been twenty seconds or so. Dean’s right arm fell limply onto the ground, his desperate reach for his brother failed. Sam was helping a bleeding Cas onto his feet, both of them panting and barely able to hold their own against their strong opponent. In his mind Dean thought weakly: Guys…turn around. Please. I’m not gonna make it if you don’t save me. I got nothing left. Guys…

All went black again and he was even younger than before his last vision, playing with Sam in a sandbox and building a messy sandcastle with a rusty bucket. They were both smiling and talking about something as their sandy hands patted the dirt into a square shape, trying to keep it from falling apart. Why see these things now? Why see happy memories before his death? Was God playing a cruel trick on him? Tears stung in Dean’s bloodshot eyes, dread filling his heart as he realized he could never think back on those happy memories ever again. He would never joke around with his father or be with his brother again.

He gave one last helpless look at Sam before his eyes closed and a deep wave of pain washed over his brain, ending his fight for his life. The last word in his mind was his brother’s name, then Dean lay still on the ground, his eyes closed and a peaceful look overtaking his face. The angel smirked as no breath came from the human, and he stood up and faced the other brother and the traitor. He stepped over Dean and walked over, raising his triumphant hands in the air and proclaiming: “One Winchester down, one to go.” He laughed and Sam spun around, gasping with his nose bleeding and his lip busted. His brown eyes widened as he saw Dean sprawled on the ground, motionless. Maybe he’s just unconscious, Sam thought. He couldn’t be dead. Not his brother.

Cas whimpered sadly and the fight was paused, all eyes turned to Dean who never stirred from his seemingly peaceful slumber. Both angels let Castiel and Sam run to him, smiling cruelly and watching the guys kneel by Dean, desperately checking for signs of life. Sam patted his brother’s cold face and repeated his name while Cas had his right hand over Dean’s heart, searching for a beat and finding none. “Dean, wake up. Dean, come on, man. Dean…” Sam panted, his sore hands trying to bring his brother back into consciousness. Castiel shook his head and stopped Sam’s attempts with both hands. “Sam…Dean’s gone.” Tears sprung in Sam’s eyes and his lips quavered when he realized the truth. He sat on his knees and his arms fell to his sides, the battle lost.

The angels laughed behind them. “I choked him to death. Funny, isn’t it? I have all the powers of Heaven yet I killed him like a human could. I laugh at his death. The famous Dean Winchester, taken down by a pair of hands.” He laughed and neither Sam nor Castiel had a response for such an insult. Instead they remained by Dean’s side, staring down at him and silently crying. They heard the angels walk up to them but didn’t turn around to defend themselves. A hand placed itself on the back of Sam’s head, cold fingers brushing past his soft brown hair. “God doesn’t want you either, Sam Winchester. I’ll send you to Hell like I did your brother.” Sam closed his wet eyes and said shakily with no trace of fear in his voice: “Then I’ll meet up with him and live there for eternity. At least I’ll be with my brother.”

Castiel looked up helplessly to see a flash of white shoot out of the angel’s palm and strike the back of Sam’s head, his friends eyes wide as the life left him. Sam slumped over and fell on top of his brother, his head laying on Dean’s chest and his right arm falling over his brother’s stomach. He looked like he was hugging Dean in his last moment, a blissful look over Sam’s face. If all was to end, that was probably how Sam wanted to go: next to his brother.

Castiel’s vision was blurry as he looked up at the angels, despair filling him instead of anger at watching his two best friends die before him. The angels grinned down at him. “You die here, traitor. Die like the wretched human you now are.” Castiel turned away from them and gazed at his still friends on the ground. “…I deserve to die for the things I’ve done. Send me to Hell if you must. I’ll gladly go and be with Dean and Sam. We’ll sit by Satan’s fire and talk of better times. Where God and his soldiers can never torment us again…” Castiel closed his eyes and surrendered to his killers, not flinching as a strong hand clutched his skull. We’ll laugh like old times, Castiel thought right before a sharp pain hit him and his life faded away into darkness, the fallen angel collapsing next to his only friends. Instead of his soul ascending into Heaven, it sunk downwards into a warmer place where it would soon meet up with friends, for all eternity.

Forbidden In Heaven, Welcome In Hell
Sam, Dean, and Castiel fight the angels sent to dispose of them. With no holy weapons to defend themselves, the three fight a seemingly helpless battle against God's soldiers.


Amy Kathrine Ahlers
United States

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